Tips for vacation shopping on-line

Tips for vacation shopping on-line

01-07-2011 12:50:00

It starts from simple stuff - buying swim suit for example, and then: tickets reservation, accommodation booking, car rental and vacation is organized :) Everything takes place in a second - thanks to on-line payments. Here we have some tips how to stay safe on-line.

Polish e-commerce is not the strongest in Europe, but holiday is one of the season, when the e-services traffic is similar like in Western countries. Browsers and price comparison sites of all tourist services, helps to find great offers. Additional advantages of e-shopping are convenience, lower prices than in traditional stores and fast delivery.

But do not forget - vacation season is a period of hackers high activity.

It is a time we can become more easily a victim of fake auctions, cheaters who want to know our credit cards details and fraud e-mails stealing private information - phishing and spam.

Media reports currently about reduced activity of spammers. However it is still a big amount of unwanted e-mails on our accounts. It is always good to be aware of e-mails from unknown user with titles like "Holiday 70% off". Before starting purchase on-line make sure on which level your computer work. Also, it is better to choose recommended e-shops and trusted payment systems. While you send information on-line (private or credit card data) - check if the connection use transcript protocol - https://.

Here you have some tips how to stay safe on-line:

  • Protect your computer by system updates.
  • Have the most recent updates for browsers and anti virus programs you use.
  • Beware of spam, phishing and other unknown mail.
  • Protect your personal information: do not send it using e-mails, contact forms etc.
  • Shop on trustworthy e-shops.
  • Make sure your connection with Internet is secure by protocol https://
  • Do not give anyone your credit card details.
  • Pay with recommended payment systems.
  • Keep documentation (e-mails etc.) of your orders and payments.
  • Check your credit card statement often.

Remember: a few moments of care associated with these points give you a long time of relax :) Have a nice holiday!

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